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Calabasas living room drywall remodel

Calabasas Drywall Contractor & Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Drywalling Calabasas and Surrounding Areas

License# C9 1021726

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Drywall service in Calabasas
Calabasas drywall
Drywall hanging

Drywall Hanging & Taping Contractor in Calabasas

For exceptional drywall hanging and taping in Calabasas, look no further. Our team specializes in providing top-notch services that transform your space. From precise measurements to expert installation, we ensure your drywall is flawlessly hung and taped, ready for finishing touches. With years of experience serving Calabasas, we understand the importance of quality craftsmanship. Whether you're renovating, remodeling, or building from scratch, our team is committed to delivering exceptional results. Trust us for all your drywall hanging and taping needs in Calabasas, and experience the difference of working with a dedicated team that cares about your project.

drywall texture samples

Wall & Ceiling Texture Spraying in Calabasas

Transform your Calabasas space with our expert wall and ceiling texture spraying services. We specialize in a variety of textures, including orange peel, knockdown, hand-applied skip trowel, and Santa Fe. Our skilled team ensures a flawless application, providing your walls and ceilings with a stunning, professional finish. Whether you're looking to refresh your home or add texture to a new construction project, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results. Trust us to bring your vision to life with our precise and meticulous texture spraying services in Calabasas.

Acoustic ceiling removal AC Drywall

Acoustic Ceiling Removal in Calabasas

Transform your Calabasas property with our expert acoustic ceiling removal services, also known as popcorn or cottage cheese ceiling removal. Our skilled team will efficiently and safely remove outdated ceiling textures, leaving your ceilings smooth and ready for a fresh coat of paint. Say goodbye to the dated look of popcorn ceilings and hello to a modern, clean finish that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. We take pride in our meticulous work and ensure minimal disruption to your home or business during the removal process. Trust us to provide top-quality acoustic ceiling removal services in Calabasas, leaving your ceilings paint-ready and looking brand new.

Steel stud framing and drywall

Residential & Commercial Framing in Calabasas

For precise and durable framing solutions in Calabasas, look no further than our steel stud framing services. Whether for residential or commercial projects, our expert team ensures your structure is built to last, meeting all safety and building code requirements. Steel stud framing offers superior strength and stability compared to traditional wood framing, ensuring your property's longevity and resilience. Additionally, steel framing is more resistant to mold, fire, and pests, providing a safer environment for occupants. With our meticulous attention to detail, we guarantee a precise and efficient framing process, leaving your project paint-ready and primed for the next phase of construction. Trust us for all your steel stud framing needs in Calabasas, delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

water damage patching

Water Damage Repair in Calabasas

For top-tier water damage drywall repair services in Calabasas, rely on our experienced team. We specialize in restoring water-damaged drywall, ensuring a seamless finish that's ready for painting. Whether for residential or commercial properties, our experts handle every aspect of the repair process with precision and efficiency  We meticulously repair and finish the drywall to match the surrounding surfaces. Our goal is to restore your property to its pre-damage condition, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish that's ready for your preferred paint application. Trust us to deliver exceptional results, leaving your space looking as good as new.

drywall smooth finish

Ceiling & Wall Patching in Calabasas

For professional ceiling and wall patching and repair services in Calabasas, look no further. Our team specializes in restoring damaged ceilings and walls, ensuring a seamless finish that's ready for painting. Whether you have holes, cracks, or other damage, we have the expertise to fix it efficiently. We assess the damage, use the right materials to patch and repair, and finish the surfaces to blend seamlessly with the surrounding areas. Our goal is to restore your ceilings and walls to their original condition, leaving them smooth and ready for your preferred paint finish. Trust us to deliver high-quality results, making your space look brand new again.

Our Services

Drywall Done Right

AC Interiors Calabasas Drywall Services

Welcome to AC Interiors, your trusted provider for comprehensive drywall services in Calabasas, CA. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions for your residential and commercial drywall needs, ensuring your interiors are both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Drywall Hanging and Taping

At AC Interiors, we specialize in drywall hanging and taping services in Calabasas. Whether you're constructing a new building or renovating an existing space, our experts manage every aspect of the drywall installation process with precision and care. We ensure that drywall panels are securely hung and joints are meticulously taped, resulting in a smooth and flawless surface ready for painting or finishing.

Acoustic Ceiling Removal

Modernize your space with our efficient acoustic ceiling removal services. We specialize in the safe and effective removal of outdated or damaged acoustic ceilings, preparing your space for a fresh, clean look. Our team ensures a smooth and hassle-free removal process, minimizing disruption to your daily activities and enhancing the overall appearance of your ceilings.

Wall & Ceiling Texture Spraying

Add texture and character to your interiors with our wall and ceiling texture spraying services. We offer a variety of texture finishes, from subtle and smooth to intricate and bold designs, tailored to your preferences. Our professionals use high-quality materials and precise application techniques to ensure a durable and visually appealing result that complements your décor and adds depth to your walls and ceilings.

Water Damage Patching & Repair

Water damage can significantly impact the integrity and appearance of your property. Our water damage patching and repair services provide comprehensive solutions to restore areas affected by water damage. We quickly assess and repair the damage, ensuring that your walls and ceilings are protected and look as good as new. Our team is committed to delivering timely and effective repairs to maintain the beauty and safety of your property.

Contact Us

For professional and reliable drywall services in Calabasas, CA, trust AC Interiors to deliver superior quality and exceptional service. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or service appointment, and let our experts assist you with drywall hanging and taping, acoustic ceiling removal, wall & ceiling texture spraying, and water damage repair.

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