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Grand Vista Hotel Simi Valley Drywall Renovation

Updated: May 29

Grand Vista Hotel Simi Valley

AC Interiors Drywall
AC Interiors Drywall

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Thrilled to announce the successful completion of our extensive drywall renovation project at the Grand Vista Hotel in Simi Valley. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, our team has transformed the hotel's interiors into a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and timeless sophistication. From flawless drywall installations to refined finishes, every aspect of the renovation reflects our dedication to creating an elevated and inviting atmosphere for guests. We invite you to experience the renewed ambiance and enhanced luxury at the Grand Vista Hotel, where our completed drywall renovation stands as a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence in hospitality design.

Renovation of the Grand Vista
Renovation of the Grand Vista

Renovation of the Grand Vista Hotel in Simi Valley

AC Interiors Drywall & Acoustic Ceiling Removal recently completed a Renovation of the Grand Vista Hotel. Thank you Grand Vista Hotel in Simi Valley, CA for the opportunity. We were contracted to remove Acoustic Ceilings from over 195 rooms, as well as install over 800 recessed lights. We also were able to renovate all of the corridors, Vista's Restaurant, Foyer, guest check in and the Arena Sports Bar. Our team worked quickly and efficiently while ensuring minimal disruption to the hotel's guests. We are proud of the results of this project and stand by the quality of our work. We are experienced and well-equipped to handle any Drywall acoustic ceiling removal project, big or small.


Arena Sports Bar Renovation in Simi Valley


Foyer Renovation

Wallpaper removal and drywall patching. Hand applied skip trowel texture with a level 4 smooth finish on the ceilings.

Grand Vista Hotel Foyer
Grand Vista Hotel Foyer

Suite Renovation x4

Acoustic ceiling removal, recessed lights, demo, frame, and drywall new ADA compliant bathrooms with custom soffits.

Guest Room Renovation x 191

Acoustic ceiling removal, float and texture orange peel all walls and ceilings. Recessed lights, demo, frame, drywall new bathrooms with custom soffits.

Corridors x 4 Floors

Wallpaper removal and drywall patching. install expansion joints every 20'.  Apply skip trowel texture and paint.

Grand Vista Hotel Corridor Remodel
Grand Vista Hotel Corridor Remodel

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