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AC Interiors Inc offers a comprehensive range of services, including drywall installation, acoustic ceiling removal, project design, construction management, site evaluation, and more. Discover how our expertise transforms spaces with excellence and innovation.

Expert Drywall and Acoustic Ceiling Removal Done Right

Drywall Hanging & Taping

Drywall Hanging & Taping

Hanging and taping drywall are fundamental steps in the process of creating a paint ready smooth and finished walls and ceiling's during construction or home renovation projects. Hanging drywall involves measuring, cutting, and securing large sheets of drywall to the framework of a building, covering walls and ceilings. Check our DIY blog for more on drywall!

Acoustic ceiling removal

Acoustic & Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The removal of acoustic ceilings, commonly known as "popcorn" or "cottage cheese" ceilings, is a process undertaken to update and modernize a space. These painted textured ceilings were popular in the mid-20th century for their acoustic properties, but they have fallen out of favor due to their dated appearance and potential health concerns associated with asbestos in older installations. Check our DIY blog for more Popcorn Removal!

Drywall texture samples

Wall & Ceiling Texture

Applying a painter ready texture coat to ceilings and walls is a creative process that involves using specialized materials and tools to add depth and visual interest, transforming smooth surfaces into textured, aesthetically appealing elements within a room. Check our DIY blog for more on spraying texture!

Experience the Best in Paint Ready Drywall and Texture Services

Steel stud framing

Commercial Tenant Improvement

Metal or steel stud framing involves the construction of structural frameworks for walls, partitions, and ceilings using lightweight and durable metal components, providing a versatile alternative to traditional wood framing in modern construction projects. 

Check our DIY blog for more on steel stud framing!

Asbestos ceilings

Asbestos Ceilings

Asbestos drywall encapsulation is a process aimed at containing and sealing asbestos-containing materials within drywall, preventing the release of asbestos fibers into the air. This method involves applying a specialized encapsulating agent or coating to the asbestos-containing surfaces, creating a barrier that helps to bind and lock in the asbestos fibers. It is often used as a safer alternative to removal, especially when the asbestos-containing material is in good condition and not significantly damaged.

Check our DIY blog for more!


Patching and Water Damage

Applying a paint ready texture coat to ceilings and walls is a creative process that involves using specialized materials and tools to add depth and visual interest, transforming smooth surfaces into textured, aesthetically appealing elements within a room.

Check our DIY blog for more!

AC Interiors Drywall & Acoustic Ceiling Removal Services

At AC Interiors, we specialize in a comprehensive range of drywall and acoustic ceiling removal services to enhance the aesthetic and functional quality of your interiors. Our skilled professionals deliver top-notch services tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless transformation of your space.

Drywall Hanging & Taping
Our drywall hanging and taping services are designed to provide a smooth and durable finish for your walls and ceilings. We meticulously hang drywall panels and expertly tape joints to create a flawless surface ready for painting or texturing. Our attention to detail ensures a high-quality finish that enhances the overall look of your interiors.

Acoustic Ceiling Removal
We offer acoustic ceiling removal services to help modernize and update your space. Our team efficiently removes outdated or damaged acoustic tiles, leaving your ceilings clean and ready for a contemporary finish. This service not only improves the visual appeal but also enhances the acoustics and lighting of your room.

Wall & Ceiling Texture Application
Enhance the look of your interiors with our wall and ceiling texture application services. We offer a variety of textures, from smooth finishes to intricate patterns, tailored to your style preferences. Our expert application techniques ensure a durable and visually appealing result that adds character and depth to your space.

Commercial Framing Services
For commercial projects, we provide framing services that are reliable and efficient. Our team constructs sturdy frames for walls and ceilings, ensuring that your commercial space is built to last. We use high-quality materials and precise techniques to meet the specific demands of your project.
Water Damage Patching and Repair
Addressing water damage is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your interiors. We offer comprehensive patching and repair services to restore areas affected by water damage. Our skilled professionals quickly identify and repair damage, preventing further issues and ensuring your space remains safe and aesthetically pleasing.
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